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I saw a few posts regarding how to hide real ip address and mac address.

I use Linux Mint. In the settings per connection, there is a RANDOM button for the MAC address. I click it and it reports a random mac address for use on public wifi. You could also download MACCHANGER and try it as well.

I then use TOR network. Quite slow, but it does make it difficult to trace me. Remember, difficult does not mean impossible! And by the time anyone does trace my location, I am long gone (wink).

If you can figure out how to use JonDoFox, this makes things even harder to locate you.

Please remember. This is for information only. Do NOT use this information to attempt to break any laws in your country.

I do this because of a stalker stalking me (police reports have been made but nothing can be done until they actually break the law unfortunately) and not for anything illegal.

Most times I just spoof my mac address and use the normal IP address assigned by whatever free wifi I am logged into. This is for general surfing.

Another item - if you spoof mac address and use TOR, then use Hushmail, you are pretty safe.

Just try to make sure the exit node for TOR is OUT of your specific country (USA in my case). I like Germany myself. By the time they go through all the red tape, I am gone and using a different IP and MAC address.

Another way to change MAC address is to simply buy several wifi dongles. But many of them do not work in linux.
And any that you have to give your real personal info should be avoided at all costs.

If you know of any other methods or flaws in this procedure, PLEASE let me know asap!

For those who use a home router - you need to contact the maker of the router to see if you can set the access control list (ACL) or even report a different MAC address. But if you use Cable internet, the modem itself has a fixed MAC address that you can't change.