Hello, how can i block google images? since i only want to allow access to text websites only

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hmmm... can you clarify?

You want to block images when using google to search? Or you want to block access to websites that contain images? Or you want the google results to only include sites with no images?

In any case, to address this, you'll need some type of content filtering solution between your users and the internet, most likely a firewall or proxy system that can filter the traffic based on your requirements.

I havent heard of a use case such as this one, so more info is needed to figure out exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

Agree with you there.... this is an odd odd odd request.

To block just the google images web site, it would be easy enough to block the dns lookup with a hosts file entry or a simple URL block on the perimeter router. Blocking all images from all sites seems crazy to me.

back in the days of Dialup ,this was a option in tools ,with Netscaper and the earlier IE browser's ,for ovisious reasons !now with high speed internet ,who cares !

i don't understand this question... are you trying to do a google search and not show images? that is already done for you... just don't click the images page.

I have 10 users on my lan and i use modems with ICS, but all they can do is to google images which takes too much of my data, so what i need to know is how to block google images without blocking google.com itself.

Im using Firefox ,and i go to tools ,options /content ,and uncheck load imagaes automaticlly

play with your Firefox as caperjack has said

and if you are using internet explorer i found in my own ie how to change it then found this site to show the way to the setting.
turn off pictures

i wil use this method for Caperjack, though it seems to affect other websites
thanx alot...

its gonna affect all websites ,not just google ,but i assumed if you didn't want to download google images because of to much data downloading ,you would want it to stop all

[quote]Hello, how can i block google images? since i only want to allow access to text websites only
can you explain that a little better for us/me, im still not sure what you actually mean,by block google images,is that you don't want the search results to show images just text ,or is it that you don't want the option to hit the image icon on the top og google.com to show images ,im confused

i only wanted to block google images on staff machines, i have tried ur method, but its affecting the company page.

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