My lecturer recently told us to enroll for a 6 months CISCO course that will soon be introduced at our institution.He kind of explained but i really didnt get him well enough. can someone be kind enough and highlight to me what CISCO is all about

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Cisco is the industry leader in networking products. Most of your governement and large corporate networks utilize cisco networking products. They also offer several certifications such as CCNA, CCNP and so on.


Many high schools and local community colleges have partnered with Cisco and are now offering Cisco's certification programs. The most common Cisco certification is the CCNA, but there are many more that are offered by Cisco.

You can access their web site for specific details regarding each of the certification tracks.


Certification is a good way to partner with a vendor and learn how to support their products.


Jorge M,Bamahonky and CimmerianX, Lots of thanx, all ur replies has helped me to do more research on Cisco and i've found all the necesary resources to begin with. gracious,obrigado, merci boucoup.

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