I am getting opposite answers on this matter so I am asking on this forum.

I was curious on how would I proceed if I wanted to install several 100ft runs of Cat5E aerial rated STP outdoor with messenger cable.

This kind of cable, http://bit.ly/11rn6DS.

What is recommended in this situation, terminating both ends of the cable with a shielded keystone jack ?

Do I also need to put a shielded patch panel in the center building if all the the runs are originating from it ? Think of it like its a star topology, the modem and router is in the center building and I need to connect 5 other buildings to the center one.

The installation technician says that my cable don't have to be surge protected since its shielded. The drops should be installed in each building with shielded keystone jacks.

Opinions are one some forums that I should use cat5e ligthning protectors outside each buildings.

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With Cat5, no link (between active terminations) can be more than 100 ft. (33 meters), at least reliably... :-) FWIW, shielded cable ONLY protects your signal from transient surges (static, local EMF, etc.), but NOT from large active EM strikes, such as lightning. For outdoor cable runs, you REALLY do need active surge protection at all terminations (switches) that may be susceptible.

FWIW, I am a director of an IEEE consultant's network.

Anyway, the saying is, "Better safe than sorry".

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The cable have a drain wire in it, what is the use of this wire ?

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