Hello All I've set up a subdomain on a VM of mine under the name 'test.localhost' on that 'VM'. However when I try to access that VM via the browser on my local machine i get an error when I do test.my_ip_address. (my_ip_address actually being the vm ip!)

Is there anyway I can access this subdomain not paying for a a domain name for it?!?


Paying for a domain name is not the issue here. You can host any domain name you want within your own network assuming that your host name resolution (DNS) architecture is configured accordingly.

When you say that you set up a subdomain on a VM... What do you mean exactly? Did you set up an Active Directory Domain, or did you just setup a web server and are trying to host a website on this domain name?

I assume that you are hosting a web server on the VM.

Regardless, the first step is to ensure that you have connectivity between the host and VM. Secondary, you need to have something in place to be able to resolve the host name "test.localhost". The easiest method for a single name such as this is to modify the HOSTS file on your HOST computer and point this hostname to the IP address of the VM.

What virtualization software are you using on the HOST computer?


Regarding this format, I am not sure what you are trying to do... that's not the proper syntax for a host name. You can either try to connect via IP or hostname, but not a mix of both.

To be honest I'm complete 'noob' when it comes to networking, I mostly just do web programming. I decided to give up on that idea and just copy down the whole application from my VM to my local machine. I was able to get the same effect.

Thanks though for the quick response though :)

ok, glad you at least found a solution. If you dont have experience with virtualization and networking, it introduce quite a bit of challanges until you have all of the components setup. I suggest that when you have more time, revisit the vm option. Its a good way not to cluter your host computer because when you are done with development and testing, you can simply delete the VM.