Hello, I have a Sagem Livebox, which has 2 ethernet ports, red and yellow. The red one is connected to my pc while the yellow one is connected to a tv decoder, with the ADSL TV option enabled in the livebox settings.

My problem is that, my livebox is located upstairs, and does not provide wifi coverage downstairs, while the tv decoder is downstairs, connected by cable, and I would like to buy a WiFi router to be connected downstairs.

However, before doing that, I would like to know if it is possible to use the cable from the yellow port to act as a WAN input for the new router, and use the ports on that router to then connect to the tv decoder, without losing the ADSL TV options... or any other solutions???

eventually found out that the ADSL TV option is provided only via the livebox and unless it is disabled, no other connection can be made on the yellow port, but in this case there will be no VOD available for use on my tv decoder as well...

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