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Find a network, and administer it.

Seriously though, what kind of question is that? You study, you learn, you get an entry level job, and work your way up from there.


start getting some certifications like Network+, CCENT/CCNA. Download some software to start practicing configuring routers/switches like Packet Tracer or GNS3. And like Cimmerian said you have to work your way up!


Mr Green is right.

You will first need a foundation understanding of hardware so look into the CompTIA A+ 801 and 802 exams. Attaining this certification will allow you to call yourself an A+ Technician.

Next you should move to the CCENT -> CCNA -> CCNP certification track. If you're not a fan of Cisco consider the MCSA MCSE route and get yourself the Directory Services certification. There is a lot of work out there for MCSE's at the moment.

The best route imo is to get the A+, then the CompTIA Network+, then a job as a first line support technician. Whilst in this position train towards the CCNA and see if your employer can help you. By the time you're a CCNA technician you could be ready for a promotion to second line support (network level). Keep moving forward with vendor certifictions by EC Council, Microsoft, ComPTIA, Cisco and similar.

Good luck!


@caperjack You're right, but I will always leave a valid response just incase someone reads the discussion in the future who would really like to know the answer.


i know the reason you/we post mmcdonald,just making a comment,
but really ,the op's post its sounds more like a comment than a question ,and im sure that most people who want to become a network admin already know the things they need do to become one

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