Windows 7 system has a default administrator account that is created during the installation of Windows 7 or setup already for you on a OEM (ex: Dell) computer. By default, the built-in administrator account is named Administrator, and is disabled. Log as that account you will have complete access to the computer and can make any desired changes and will not be prompted by UAC.

This will show you how to enable Windows 7 default administrator account

Warning: if you enable the built-in Administrator account, it is recommended to create a password for it to help keep it secured.

Option one:

1. Start System and press “F8” to enter Safe mode with Command Prompt

2. Choose any Administrator account and you will enter the elevated command prompt, type net user administrator /active: yes and press Enter.

3. Close the command prompt. Restart the computer and you will now see the built-in Administrator account log on icon added on Screen.

If you want to disable the built-in administrator account, just type net user Administrator /active: no, then you will see the built-in Administrator account log on icon removed.

Option Two:

1. Click Start and type lusrmgr.msc in the search box, open the Local Users and Groups manager, in the left pane, click on the Users folder.

2. In the middle pane, right click on Administrator and click on Properties.

3. Uncheck the “Account is disable” and click Apply. (if you want to disable the account, just check the” Account is enable”.

4. Restart your system; you’ll see the default administrator account appear on the log in screen.

Note: if you lost windows 7 default administrator password, you can download Windows Password Key to remove the password, it is the safest and more quickly way.

There is yet another and simple way to activate Windows 7 default administrator account. Just follow the below steps:

1. Type "net user" command and press Enter. This will show you all the accounts that exist on your machine.
2. Type "net user Administrator" command and press Enter. This will show you if your Administrator account is active or not.
3. Type "net user Administrator ppp" command and press Enter. This will set password for your Administrator account.
4. Type "net user Administrator /active:yes" command and press Enter. This will activate your Administrator account.

ok so how do you deactivate it after you activated it

@tinytank1656 - You can disable the default Administrator account by creating yourself an account that has administrative priviledges. Log on with your user account, go to computer management, users and groups, users, administrator account, right click and click on disable.

showing system error 5 has occured

nice information

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