Hi! I have a problem configuring my wireless network. Please help me. But first of all let me explain my problem.

So, I have a DSL connection. I have the SPEEDTOUCH modem router connected through LAN with my laptop. I bought a NETGEAR WG111T USB2.0 Wireless USBStick and I am trying to connect my desktop PC with the laptop. I am trying to make a wireless connection through the USB stick, which I have plugged on my desktop, and the laptop, which has already a wireless capability. Please tell me how I can make this network work so that I can share the DSL connection with both desktop and laptop. Also I would be grateful if you could tell me how must I setup the IP addresses or other useful little things.

What you need to do is configure Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on the two machines; ICS will allow you to connect the desktop to the laptop via wireless, and allow both machines to access the Internet via the laptop's wired connection. A good, detailed instructional on just how to do this can be found here.