I'm playing cleanup behind some elses install. with my pickup tool i'm hearing noise on cat5e. the wire chase is filled with cctv, access control, cat5e, fire wire, everything except 110v. the chase is J hooks and it is ran in some places a few inches over flourescent lights.. what is the standard please?

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Cat5e is extended length twisted pair cable, and the sender/receiver nodes should be using balanced line-drivers, which would (should) minimize interference and cross-talk from other cables. If this is not the case, then something is running "hotter" than it should and you need to determine which element is causing that issue. IE, disconnect one item at a time until the problem stops. Then you will know which is the culprit. It is also possible that the cable run for the cat5e is too long. How long is it? More than 50 feet (16 meters) is problematic. In such a case, you probably need cat7 cable (more twists and a longer effective run).


There could also be electrical back feed through the cat 5 from the connecting device, or on the other cables.

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