My name is akhtar

I am a hardware engineer

I have problem in our one site.
that We have Adsl Broadband modem with ip address and mask
and one wireless router linksys make with ip address and mask

and Another network with router ip and mask

i have one wired lan and one wireless lan card in one pc i want to access the both network

here is my current configuration

Network1 --> adsl modem --> Linksys Wireless Router --> Wireless Lan card of my pc
( (

Network2 --> Router --> 8 port switch --> Wired lan card of my pc

i have to work on the remote server located in the bombay and currently i am at the borsad
i am working on remote server with the router ip address and i want to make accessible my internet and remote server network at the same pc with one wired lan card and one wireless lancard

internet access through the wireless lan card and
remote desktop access through the wired lan card.

so any one have the right suggestion for this problem.

Plz reply me on my email id : akhtarhusen@gmail.com

Yes If both network are DHCP server and assgned automatically you can access or assign IP Manually in range of desired Network, 2nd if ur still unable to work then enter IP in IE where u want to go