Hi everyone!

I've got a probelm im hoping you can help with!

Basically I had a virus on my laptop and i got rid of it, but now I can connect to my internet but I cannot browse. Itunes wont connect either!

It says I have very good signal strength, yet nothing works!

If you guys need me to do that ipconfig thing then let me know


If you have connection to your router (wireless access point), and don't get access to the internet.
Then you can try to restart your router - pull the power plug on it for a few seconds, and give it about 30 seconds to restart, and try again.

If this doesn't help, you should call your ISP (internet service provider), because they might have some local problems. :)

I restarted it the other day but no joy, I have a desktop computer that is wirelessly connected to it aswell and I am able to get onto the internet. I was thinking that the virus must have done something because I've had the same internet and laptop for 3 years and never had this problem before.

ok. next option :)

How did you get rid of that virus? what program did you use?
Have you scanned for malware as well (browser hijacks and stuff like that)?

I suggest to try "malwarebytes anti malware" http://www.malwarebytes.org/

download the free version, run a complete scan, and see if it finds anything. :)

This is a networking problem.

What router are you using? If you have using a Linksy router, go to the back of the router and hold down the reset button for 5 seconds.

1) Make sure your firewall is turn off
2) Do a ping test
3) See how many packets are received and sent per second.
4) Can other computers or laptops connect to the laptop?

use another net connection.

I got rid of the virus using Malwarebytes, it was one of those viruses masking itself as anti virus software

I have a D-Link router, I have turned all my firewalls off, but still nothing.

When I get home I will do some ping tests and an ipconfig/all and post the results here

Thanks for the help so far guys!

Try connecting using to another network to make sure nothing is wrong with your network. There are some questions i need to know.

1) When did this problem occur?
2) What is your OS, and your computer or laptop model number?

Answer this questions for the time being, it will provide me with more insights of your problem then i know what solutions to offer to you. Good luck and i will try my best to solve your problem as soon as possible:)

The problem on your laptop might be that your Network Connection is badly configured(either the laptop does not receive an IP address through DHCP from your router), or your router's configuration is messed up.

To find out which one :
- do an `ipconfig` thing :) in a cmd and upload the output
- do a `tracert google.com` in a cmd and upload the output
- enter the router's configuration page which typicaly is
- get a printScreen of that and upload it

Thanks for all the help, much appreciated!

In the end my computer completely crashed, so I had to get a new one at the weekend!

Once again thanks!!

Can you tell us why your computer crash. If it crash it can due to a harddisk failure and crash or a virus problem. The virus might have cause the internet problem too. Tell us how your laptop crash, maybe we can fix it.

Just reinstall your windows and after that it will work.That's my solution on that problem.

have you check the DNS address :

go to control panel ->
network connection->
right click on your connected conection->
click on properties. ->
select tcp/ip ->
click on properties ->>
2 last fild is for dns server->
chang it to and