Hi all,

I need some advice urgently. I am a consultant who goes out and sees various clients. When I get back to the office, I connect to a company LAN that has an Internet Connection available on it.

The issue I experience is that when I dial in to Clients remotely via normal dial-up, I lose my internet connection straight away, and have to disconnect first before I can access the internet.

This is annoying as I sometimes need to research on the web while dialled up, and cannot do so as indicated above.

I know that if you force the default gateway on a machine it will use that IP for internet connection; however I'm not too sure how to do it.

Thanks and have a good day.


What do you mean by "forcing a default gateway", you mean actually giving it a static gateway or something else?

hi i have a cyber cafe 12 pc connected on lan i have connection of dsl 512kbps my problem is when i open shop my computer do well in afternoon some computer means 4 to 5 they are on lan can brown other computer through network when no internet connection this happens every 10 min then i have to restart computer then other computer get same problem can anyone slove my problem .....