At my school, we get 100 gbit internet speeds. Where does the school get the internet from, the best internet speeds we have in the Bay Area are 100mbit(Comcast BuisnessClass). When I do a speedtest, the ISP shows Palo Alto Unified School District and during school hours speeds are 500mbit, and during lunch, I decided to go to the computer lab to try downloading a 1 gbyte file, and it finished in 16 seconds at about 60 mbyte/sec, with every other person watching youtube, or doing something that requires a lot of bandwith ... Where does my school get their internet from, and how did they start their own ISP, please note that the cables where not cat7, but just regular ethernet cables.

Businesses and large organizations like schools can pay more to get a connection with a lot of bandwidth. The school likely has an expensive fiber line in order to have enough bandwidth to serve a lot of students.

60 MB/s is about 500 Mbps. Usually, you'll see Internet speeds advertised in bits per second (bps).

I did a quick look at Comcast's business site, and they provide up to 10 Gbps connections. That's roughly 10,000 Mbps.