Dear Members,
Problem:- Network slow and congestion !

  1. Star topology
  2. Domain system
  3. ISA Proxy Server
  4. No hardware firewall
  5. No antivirus server

Problems to be considered

  1. How can i verify whether the network has congestion or not?.
  2. Separate Virtual Drive ( Z: ) to all each client in organization has a problem of virus shortcut at a same time, how to remove through server as we do not have an antivirus server.
  3. How can i install ms-office or any other application from Domain Server to a Clients?
  4. How can i fix the network slow response problem ?

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There are many answers to you questions and I can't tell you all of them. But I give you the link to you for to take a look.

1) you can always do use Traceroute to check but alternatively there is a software to help you called WinMTR.

4) what do you mean. Do you mean by slow internet connection. That question is a very broad one and in order to provide you with more answers we need more details.

If you are working as a network administrator, i would suggest you to try a free network tool Colasoft Capsa, it can help you pinpoint and analysis all the network problems.

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