Quick question, this is theoertical by the way.

If i had 3 departments for a businesss:
* Human Resources
* Finance
* Marketing

If i had a total of 300GB of space on the netrwork, how could i allocate 100GB to each department, and ensure that one department cant go over that 100GB limit.

I assume i would need to use disk quota-ering in windows server?

Any more of an idea would be good


Re: Managing Disk Quotas 80 80

Yes, you can use windows server's quota tool. There are 3rd party applications that provide additional more detailed quota features.

Re: Managing Disk Quotas 80 80

Is there some you could mention, so that i could look into them

Re: Managing Disk Quotas 80 80

Spaceguard is one that I've had interaction with.

Re: Managing Disk Quotas 80 80

Awesome thanks so much

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