hello my Daniweb family, can somebody help me with how to come up with an up and running network between two different networks using packet tracer.I know how to configure PCs and what cables to use, but my problem is how to configure the two routers to communicate and configuring their default gateway.PLEASE HELP

You only need one router to connect two networks. As you mentioned, with two routers, you will need either a routing protocol or static routes defined on these routers.

What do you have so far? Network diagram, subnet info, IPs?

Yes, i have the diagram already set up, subnet info and IP addresses and i now know a thing or two on how to perform subnetting thanks to IT geared (CIDR and Subnetting), thanks alot.Now what are the procedures to enable each device in the Network? i have two routers, Cloud-PT,Server-PT and all the IP address, default gateway, subnet mask.

will be temporaly out of internet access for a few hours, can only gain wireless access at school on campus.No iternet at home.... Thanks JorgeM for always coming to my rescue. Will be greatfull if you try n help me with this one with time n i can access it tomrrow morning.'AFRICAN TIME

Thanks for the reference to the article...glad it helped..

Well, there are a few ways to handle this. The easiest, and the first approach if you are just trying to figure out how this all works is to just use default gateways. No custom routes in the routing table, no routing protocols. Since there are only three subnets (two routers), something like this scenario...

You have two subnets seperated by two routers. Between the two routers there is one subnet. We made all of the subnet as /24 just to make it easy. Generally the routers would have a /30 since you only need two IPs in that subnet.. one for each router interface. More help with subnetting: Online Subnet Calculator. Ok, so you will notice that in the first diagram, each router has two ethernet ports.. E0 and E1.

In this design, each host (computers and routers) will forward packets to their default gateway if they do not produce a match with a local interface. For example, when the PC on the left sends a packet to, it will send it to its gateway being the router. Then the router gets the packet and has no idea where 192.168.2.x network is, so it sends it to its default gateway which happends to be the other router. The router on the right gets the packet, but since it has an interface on 192.168.2.x, it sends the packet to the PC. The process happens in reverse when the pc on the right sends back to the PC on the left.


how to inter info into router.?