I have been using this site to get a help while i was doing
my mini projects in my university and I wonder the way
daniweb does to help knowledge pursuing people,like me. now I'm a new network & server
administrator in a huge company called commercial bank of ethiopia,in ethiopia.
here i'm looking for documents about networking(all neccesary topics)
and AIX server applications(all neccessary topics like commands and their functions).
if you can help me, I would get myself in a comfortable zone. Thank you forr all and
i am waiting a 'here it is' response from you.

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Your question is very broad. what kind of documentation are you looking for. There are many, many sites out there that have guides, tutorials, documents, etc... for networks, specific aspects/components of a network, servers, operating systems, hardware, etc...

It can be overwhemling. I would suggest that you write down all aspects that you are interested in, prioritize the list and focus your efforts on one item at a time.


If you are the least experienced at an already established financial institution I would suggest you first consult the more serior staff about where to look. Presumably there are internal documents detailing the layout, configuration, and operation of your system.

The work that has been done will guide your research and education. In addition, you should have some level of training (in-house or otherwise) that prepares you for the system. Administering a live (financial) system is no easy task.

Sorry, there simply is no 'here it is' answer for us to give.


You can find the access of your projects by searching in the google, because there is millions pieces of information about all the topics.
Whenever you are learning some thiing new so your first priority must be google.

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