Ok here we go

I have 3 Active Internet Connection here in my Internet Cafe.
I have one DSL (wired) & two broadband Internet Connection all of the 3 is connected in 3 Router and 24 Port Gigabit Switch Hub With the IP Address for DSL and Broadband 1 & for Broadband 3...

In my current set-up i use Netsetman as switcher to change or choose from 3 Live Internet Connection available in my Network via Gateway Changing.

I'm not aiming to Combine these 3 Internet Connection my GOAL is to use them ALL in a SINGLE PC at once and in a separate ways on a single Station/PC

lets say the is for GAMING is for Browsing for Downloading

My question is would it be possible to TARGET the BROWSER e.g. Fire Fox, Chrome to use (Browsing Connection) via Proxy or what possible setting?

while my GAMES will use the (Gaming Connection) so that if my customers will stream videos from youtube my gamers customer will not be affected or LAGING...

and for the third purpose Downloading if is it possible to TARGET the uTorrent or other Torrent Application to use the as for DOWNLODING CONNECTION...

My Operating System is Microsoft Windows XP SP3