please i need your help on this Project Work. youwork with a consukting firm. upon the introduction of a client/server network, Linux server, windows server and windows client. the manager says no servers because off viruses and crashes. 1. now what do you tell the manager about modern n etworking technologies and NOS features to take away her fears. 2. architect the cosulting firm to a campus network .ie. five faculty biuldings, two library rooms and two administrative blocks with a check point security.

i really need your helpim clueless please help me

Use Google Drive as your Cloud? Speak about server based monitoring of clients for viruses, hacks and rootkits. Windows servers are higher cost and risk, cna you do all LINUX? Have servers monitor each other. Use servers as brouters so they feel they are necessary? Lots of secure wifi, perhaps separate wifi keys for faculty, admin and students, as one can sniff wifi packets on your local net?

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