Help! My IPad is being hacked via my IP address by a close relative who had access to the IPad. is the only solution to get a new pc with secret IP address? Could the new IP address be found online via name/address details from google registration or banking ?
How do I then avoid being hacked again with Skype , eBay etc etc?
Sorry no Paypal etc due to hacking.......

Re: IP Hack 80 80

How do you know it's being hacked? Have you wiped (reset all settings/content) on the device yet?

Re: IP Hack 80 80

If your relative got your system infected with malware then you will need at the least to do a factory reset. Unfortunately, that will mean losing all your data on the system. Contact your nearest Apple store to make an appointment with their "gurus" to do a scan of the system, and possible backup of desired data, first.

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