Hi all!

I have a problem that I can not solve. I have several web pages within the same web server. In the router the 80 port is redirected to the address (webserver1). Now after creating another webserver I have realized that i don't know how to redirect traffict to it, since 80 port is already taken and I don't see where to specify traffic for an specific address (e.g. www.webserver2.com to

I attach an image of my router configuration for further details

If anyone could give me and advice it would be of great help

Thank you in advance! 367bd269ef40af54b60fca7e3115a27c

With port forwarding, you can't use one port such as 80 for two different hosts. How would your router know which server on your internal network to send traffic to if you are hosting two different web sites?

In this situation, if you only have one public IP address you have two options...

1) You can publish two external ports... say 80 and 81. 80 maps to webserver1 and 81 maps to webserver2. So when external users want to access webserver2, they would type http://yourDomain2.com:81. While this is a technical solution to your problem, it may not work well since your users will not know they have to specify port 81.

2) A better solution is to run both websites on the same web server. On each website, configure it to use "host headers" so that when a request comes in to the webserver, the webserver knows which site to route the traffic to based on the header (URL). What this means is that you have one web server, with two or more web sites. Instead of the websites bound to the IP address, they rely on host headers. This is how its done with hosting providers that host hundrends of websites on the same web server for their customers, sharing one IP address. Its known as shared hosting...

Alternatively, if you must have two internal webservers both listening on port 80, then you can request to have more than one public IP address. Then map each public IP address to a different host on your internal network. There's usually extra fees and costs associated with this option.

As you say Jorge the first appropach is not viable.

I knew that the same web server can dispatch several website, in fact, I have it that way in webserver1. The issue comes because I have made a simple joomla website and installed it in a debian, whereas webserver1 is a Windows 8 Server. Somehow I assumed it was feasible in the router configuration.

Thank you for your answer!