I am an employee of an IT support company. I need to design the network of one of our client. But i am confused with types of Fiber optic cable and the media converter. Some says i need two media converter and sobbody says i need one. So i am become confused. Can somebody suggest me? What type of media converter support on what type of Fiber?

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That's a bit vague, unfortunately. Can you tell us some model numbers or show us some photos?

Media converter? Such as gigabit ethernet to fiber? Go to www.blackbox.com. They have lots of such stuff. And yes, you would need two converters - one to go from ethernet to fiber, and another from fiber back to ethernet, unless the system, router, bridge you are connecting from/to has a compatible fiber port (a lot have standard fiber ports these days). Just remember, the nice thing about "standards" is that there are so many! Read the fine print and make sure you understand the standards and protocols each device uses, otherwise you will spend a lot of your client's money and not have a functioning system.

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