hi .. if i have 20 pcs and i have 4 servers (ftp,dhcp,email,http) in the same network..so how i can connect these pcs with these servers !!??

Re: connect more than one server 80 80

You connect to them using client software. To connect to a web server, use a browser. To connect to an FTP server, you can use an FTP client. For email same thing, use a mail client such as Outlook (if your are running Windows).

Re: connect more than one server 80 80

and they will take which server IP address !!

Re: connect more than one server 80 80

If this is your network, you would know the IP addresses.

Each server will have a unique IP address on the subnet. On a production network, its common to have a DNS server to map hostnames to IP addresses so that when your clients connect to networking services, they don't connect to the IP, they connect using friendly, easy to remember hostnames such as mail.yourDomain.tld, ftp.yourDomain.tld, etc... However, its up to you. You can hard code the IPs in the client software.

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