I just added a generic 4 port wired hub to a linksys router. I can access the router configuration pages through the hub, but no internet access through the wired connection. Wireless works fine, and hub is obviously connecting to the router. I've done this on my own network many times without any issues, but this problem has me stumped. Any suggestions?

Does the computer connect to the internet when connected directly to the router, without the hub?

Can you ping the gateway?
Is it a hub or a switch?
Is it managed at all?

I'm switching two win7 pcs from wireless to wired at a friends retail shop. The router's ethernet is connected to other items which he is unsure how they are setup or even what they go to. Strange, and a huge pain. The ethernet cables aren't being used by anything as far as I can tell; possibly ran for future expansion in front room.
Router password isn't default. Without being certain of other network components and settings, I'd rather not reset router.

I added a TP-LINK 5-port gigabit unmanaged switch (what's the difference between a hub and switch?)

I can ping router

When hooking ethernet cable directly to router, I still can't connect to Internet.

Thanks for your assistance!

Found the problem. They ran a second router to the front room and ran a new cable from cable modem directly to new router, bypass the original router I was working with.

Thanks again for your time and help!