Hi guys!

I have the following problem: I cannot get my PC (Win10) to communicate with other devices in my network (most importantly with the NAS)

Here's my setup: http://i.imgur.com/zkpvzT9.jpg?1 (Black lines are Ethernet cables, most running inside walls)

My problem:

I cannot get my PC (in Room A) to communicate with the NAS (in Room B).
All devices that connect to the internet wirelessly (via the Wifi Router) are in the same network and can communicate just fine, including print. I have ommited to draw the PS4, TV etc for sake of simplicity. The main PC however (in Room A) is blind to any other device attached to the switch. If I set a static IP for the PC, I have no internet.

What am I doing wrong?

Would be great if one of you guys could help me out, as I am struggling to set it up correctly.

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What IP does your PC (room a) have? ARe the 2 cables in Room b plugged into the LAN side? Make sure nothing is plugged into the WAN port in room b.

For this to work, the modem would have to be one of those with a built in router.
So the usual gaffe for this setup is as isomerase noted when the second router is wired using the second router's WAN port.

That would cause your issues. To fix this I move the Ethernet to the LAN port and configure the second router as a WAP.

Now the systems are all on the same LAN.

What you call "switch" should be the network router. If the "wifi router" (I assume it is your WiFi access point) is configured as a router and not a bridge/switch, then that is your problem. If not, try connecting the NAS directly to the switch. IE, make sure "switch" is configured as your router, and the WiFi "router" is configured as a bridge/switch. Then you should be OK.

Thanks a lot guys! This is very helpful. I have solved the problem by physically swapping the router and the switch devices. The wifi signal. Is strong enough to reach all the rooms with acceptable strength.
- isomerase

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