Hello Daniweb,
I'm going to moving houses soon, a house we might be moving into has a bungalow and I was wondering how I'd go about running ethernet from the house to the bungalow?

My idea was to some how run the ether from the house to outside then dig a trench from the house to the bungalow run the ethernet throught a PVC pipe (not sure if it's worth it, only thinking for better protection) and lay it in the trench a bury it then find a way to feed it into the bungalow.

Not sure if my method will work or if I'm legally allowed to do it, or if I need to hire someone. However if I did want to hire someone to do it all for me, does anyone know a rough price on what it would cost?

I've seen some people saying to just use power adapters, but I'd rather not as the last time I used them, it interfeared with my surround sound.

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This should be fine, running an ethernet cable through a PVC pipe, although you will want to check with your city to verify whether you need a permit to do it. Also, make sure you get exterior-class cat 6 or cat 7 cable (not cheap) so that the signal will not degrade over that distance. You also need to consider how it will exit the house and enter into the bungalow so as to keep moisture and rodents (and other pests) out of both facilities. All of this is a major PITA, so an alternative may be roof-mounted WiFi antennas. We used that successfully at a school campus in California a few years ago, and using a yagi antenna at the remote site gave us a totally clean connection in all weather. Yagi-Uda antennas are powerful directional antennas that you aim at the other, standard, transceiver antenna. It may even be less expensive than the cable approach.

Here is a link to a yagi wifi antenna at Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Yagi-WiFi-Antenna-2-4GHz-15dBi/dp/B008Z4DNFC/

How far of a run would it be from house to bungalow?

I've done this before. I wired my shed to my house for ethernet and did exactly what you describe.... just dug a shallow trench and piped two ethernet cat 5 through a PVC. I added an S curve at each end, filled the end with sealing foam. I ran 2 cables, just because I wanted a backup and since I had the extra cable... no reason not to do it. Sealed it to keep out bus and water at the shed side... the house side ran up the wall and into the soffit space.

FYI, the 20' trench took longer to dig than anything else... and I was exausted when done.

For better connection I think I'd rather keep everything wired between the two as I'm going to be wanting as good as a connection (for gaming) as possible without spending hundereds.

I'm not exactly sure, however the distance between the two would probably be around 3 maybe 4 meters, but I'm can't really guess the distance from the modem router in the house to the router in the bungalow. One think I just remembered is it has an arch way between the two (house and bungalow) that have existing cables running across so I could maybe run it along the arch way with those.

I've seen some people saying to just use power adapters, but I'd rather not as the last time I used them, it interfeared with my surround sound.

If you have an archway between the 2, running a wire over or along the underside is preferrable to digging a 4 meter trench. Your back will thank you.

I asked the distance just to be sure you weren't exceeding the specs for distance.

Hello Everyone,
Sorry I've taken to long to reply, I've been busy and have gotten word that we have gotten that house. So now this is going to become a reality.

So what I was thinking what would be easier running a telephone line from the main one in the house, splitting it and sending it out to the bungalow (however there is a cement walkway between the house and the bungalow. So would it be ok to run it above ground across a wood fence, then some how under the bungalow, up the wall and in, unless anyone has another idea.

Or, would it be easier running an ethernet cable the same was as I explained above.

Either way, what exactly is required for both ways? like is it ok to split a telephone line or is an ethernet cable ok to just run from a wall socket in the house kitchen down the wall and outside up the fence (over the gate) then back down and and under the bungalow up the wall and out to the lounge?

The distance between the two would probably be around 10 meters, the only reason I want this is to hard wire everything for the best gaming connection. I don't want Wi-Fi, extenders, etc... I want to use ethernet, worse case cenario I'll use Wi-Fi but I want to try as many options first.

Also if anyone has guides or similure guides/videos on doing stuff like this, I'd appreciate it if you give me links to them.


I've attahed an example on the plan I have like the setup and I was wondering would this work? Wiring_Example.png

I would not recommend splitting a cable and running 2 pair to the bungalow for Ethernet if you want to get max speed and reliability. You certainly could, but it would not be to spec.

As long and you get the strongly insulated cable, it really doesn't matter where you run it... however I will remind you that critters, especially rats, will eat the insulation. So if it were me, I'd choose to run it under the archway. IF you want to go along the ground, then 1/2" PVC is a good idea.

So not over it? because I was going to run it along the fence until I need to bring it to the ground to go under and inside.
So if I run it underground you recommend running the cable through PVC?

Also will the diagram I posted work? like going from modem/router to another router in the bungalow?

Hello Daniweb Community,
I have got it working, so for those who make stumble across this and wanting to know how I done this.

I went from the phone socket which is located in a bedroom at the furthest end of the house (furthest from the bungalow), I drilled a hole from inside to outside. I drilled a hole in the roof above the outside hole, leading into the roof. I then go in the roof and fed the cable through the hole and down the outside of the house, I then fed it through conduit and flexible conduit and worked it into the wall.

So then I got back into the roof and ran it diagonal to the other end of the house and drilled another hole through the roof to outside. Then fed the cable down and out and fed it through conduit straight across to the garage roof and around the outside of it through conduit around to the bungalow. Once I reached the bungalow I ran it down where the garage meets the bungalow to the floor then across a few feet then up the wall a bit an in.

Once it was done I put the Ethernet connectors on and screwed the faceplates to the wall. First try, it WORKED! (First time I've ever ran Ethernet). After it was working, I went around a glued all the PVC together and put more saddles on.

Once it was all finished I got what Ethernet I had left over and made up smaller cables and went from the modem/router inside the house to the wall socket, then in the bungalow I went from the socket to a network switch from there I went to the router. All my other devices like gaming consoles went from the splitter to the console via Ethernet.

For those wondering, the supplies I used are:
50 Meters of cat6 Ethernet
Network tool kit (which had all the nessessary tools required, like crimpers, punch down tool, etc...)
TP-Link Archer C2
Wall Plates x2
Ethernet Wall Adapters x2
Conduit 20mm (4 Meter lengths) x4
Conduit Saddle x10
PVC glue
And all the other nessessary tools (drill, 20mm spade drill bit, etc...)

If you would like additional question on how or where I brought this stuff (if you live in Australia, or even Geelong, Australia) from feel free to ask.

Glad you got it working! Sounds like you have put some real "sweat equity" into this!

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