Hi All,

I currently have a a netgear R6300 as my router on my network, which has 4 Gigbit ethernet ports. I am moving a lot of my devices over to wired connection, as I stream a lot of data via Plex from my server.

I want to increase the amount of ethernet ports that I have, but I know that If i use a switch, that I am going to hit a bottle neck. What would be the best alternative to get additional ethernet ports?


To avoid that, run only one gigabit link from the router to your new gigabit switched hub and place all your wired gear on the new switched hub. As to the "best" that's a tough question with so many models available across the world plus you didn't give a count of the total connections you need.

Maybe a Netgear GS108-400NAS or it's lineup is OK? Here that's 40 bucks or 5 bucks a port. As how a switched hub works is on the web I press pause here.

Thanks for your reply. When I mean "Best" I meant the best solution rather than best product. Im thinking using a switch is not neccesarly the best idea as I will have bottleneck, as data will travel down that single cable at one frame at a time. Which could pose a problem for devices that are streaming 1080p films. Im looking at 8 - 16 ethernet ports, as Im thinking of future proofing myself.

Thanks :)

That's why I didn't use the router's Ethernet ports for other devices. The internet link is rarely enough to cause any concern about your "data will travel" over a single cable. The internet is what speed? In fact I've kicked up router speeds for over a decade with this trick. Don't use the hub in the router (except for the link to the much faster switched hub.)

There are 16 port versions of the Netgear I noted. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833122139 was 85 bucks with good reviews.

I've done this so again I'll press pause.

You can take 1 port off your wifi router and cascade any switch to that port.
You don't need a smart switch for this, any unmanaged switch will do fine. SMC EZ switches are cheap and work well.

Don't worry about bottlenecks. To stream a 1080p movie is about 6-10 Mb/s. if you get a Gigabit switch, you could stream 1080p movies to over 50 devices before your single gig port becomes the bottleneck (a little exagerative, but you get the point).

The bottleneck will occur at the disk on the plex server as the read speed of the data is probably far below this number.

So, go get yourself an unmanaged gig switch and cascade it off your router and you are good to go.