Hi again. I would like to ask, i my sriCam sp011 Ipcamera, the Ip address is already given as well the port. So i tried to make a port forward it in my router with the same Ip address and port. I also turn off the firewall, and even make an inbound in firewall settings to allow the port. But when i check it through canyouseeme.org the port is closed? I am 100 % sure that everything ive input is correct. What could me the problem?and would i ask my Internet Service Provider to open it instead?? I would really appreciate your help. Thank you
I forgot, i would like to view my camera remotely.

Some ISPs block inbound ports so it's up to you to figure out what ports are open and closed. No one but you and your ISP can tell what's blocked.

I've tried many ports but all of them are closed?
I repeat my process again.
-Open the software of Ipcam , then configure the port, pass and everything
-I just let it open, then i do the port forward
-closed the firewall
-And in canyouseeme.org - it says that
(Error: I could not see your service on on port (14178)
Reason: Connection timed out)

-Help me please

As a test. Put the IP of the camera into the DMZ entry of the router.

And yes, some ISPs are essentially all inbound ports closed. This has confounded a few of our seasoned networkers but it's rare so do the DMZ test soon.

Hi again, i delete my port forward and create another one, and now
it says that
"Reason: Connection refused"
Firewall is off and my Ipcam software is running.

I put the Ip on the DMZ but its still
"Reason: Connection refused"

That's not a good sign. I forgot to tell you to undo all your port forwards before the DMZ test. If the DMZ fails, you most likely have an ISP that blocks all incoming or does a NAT before it arrives at your home.

Let's hear more about your ISP.

I finally got an open port, but the problem now is when i tried the ip:port online, and test it in Ispy , but still can't detect the Camera??

I don't know your ISP or why the DMZ test failed. You could share why suddenly the port is open (why or what changed.) There are ISPs that this will never work on.