I've had this networking problem for a while and it's interfearing with another networking problem. I can share a folder on Computer(A) running Windows10 and have Computer(B) running Windows10 access the shared folder; although I can't share a folder on Computer(B) and have Computer(A) access the shared folder, or any shared folder for that matter ?

I read it may have to do with DHCP although that at this point is speculation and I don't want to tinker with something just to spin another problem.

We've been kicking around network sharing for a long time here. I doubt this time it's DHCP but you can check that by checking the IPs and the netmask. Do that first.

With that out of the way the most common reason I'm bumping into is firewalls in the router. Some of them block just the WiFi to wired machines and other variations. So you must be in command of all the firewalls.

That out of the way are you using which of the three common folder sharing methods in Windows 10?

If all else fails there is always the free version of Resilio Sync formerly BitTorrent Sync. I use it to sync a folder on my laptop (Winnipeg) with one in Long Island.

That out of the way are you using which of the three common folder sharing methods in Windows 10?

I'm using a workgroup, if that is what you mean ?

Windows has an IP for the preferred DNS server which is the same IP used for my router. Should I change using a DNS IP server address to automatic ?

Workgroup. Check.

IP for preferred DNS. Since workgroup doesn't use that, I'll write no reason to change. I'm going to copy something I keep in a sticky on another forum since so many want to debate the fireware issues. Ready?

Your router's firewall can block many features. You have a choice here to turn it off or dig in and find out what ports and more to allow. Given the cost of support and the fact that routers in the past never did this, my vote for those that don't want to become Network Ninja Gurus is to turn it off.

With that out of the way, an example from a router I recently discussed.

See Page 43: http://www.downloads.netgear.com/files/GDC/DGN2200/DGN2200_UM_3Feb11.pdf

Your modem router has a firewall that blocks unauthorized access to your wireless network and permits authorized inbound and outbound communications. Authorized communications are established according to inbound and outbound rules. The firewall has the following two default rules. You can create custom rules to further restrict the outbound communications or more widely open the inbound communications:
• Inbound. Block all access from outside except responses to requests from the LAN side.
• Outbound. Allow all access from the LAN side to the outside"

Notice how an inbound access from WiFi is blocked? You'll want to change that.
Page 44 (using the page counter in the PDF viewer) shows the default is BLOCK ALWAYS.

This means features like access to a DLNA, NAS or other server can fail.

Again, you must know, command, and control ALL your firewalls.

PS. Added with edit. I'd also check ownership and permissions while I'm going over the shares. You and I have had long back and forths about this. THIS is exactly when you might use the Guest account if you feel it's an account issue.

PS2. Frankly with all the time you've invested in this, why not a real server?

My router has no firewall settings ?
Have any suggestions for a real server I could consider in the future; although nothing too extravagent ? :)

There are so many Linux distros and no offense intended the struggle with Windows non-server sharing plus the firewall issues have me wondering if you are so close.

Not just you but I've found seasoned programmers that get hung over the firewalls everywhere problem. While I try to be clear you must be in command, many just want it to work without the time that needs investing.

Summary? Start with all firewalls in all devices off. Be sure your permissions, accounts, and ownerships are perfect.

For the record, Resilio Sync works between Long Island and Winnipeg and I did not have to consider firewalls. Traffic is encrypted. Synching that is interrrupted by a disconnect is automatically resumed on reconnect. It's worth checking out.

@Reverend Jim - I'll keep that in mind :)

I've re-checked all the settings within my router and there is no firewall option, period. The only thing is DHCP reservation, whereas if I understood correctly; I set a permanent IP address ?

This is my router.

@Siberian. Now that I know you are using reservation it's hardly ever that. I worried you had used hard assignment but in either case you check your IP and netmask and you are done for that step. It's not like you are going outside your LAN (or are you?)

Did you test this with the Guest account enabled? Just to see if that works?

The share folder working as I tested it though guest account, I also found a bug in Windows10 when making a guest account [read]; not sure if it's been logged but as of 1703 it hasn't been fixed.

The problem for which I've run into is, I want to share a folder for a specific user\group. When going to the properties > security tab of the folder I'm informed that I must have read permissions to view the properties of this object; click advanced to continue. I proceed and click advanced; from there I'm informed that the owner is unabled to be displayed. The only option I'm given is to Change the owner for which I select the user\group that I created followed by toggling on to replace owner on subcontainers and objects, then clicking apply.

Windows then informs me that I've taken ownership of the object and that I must close and reopen this object poperties. It's deja vu all over again when revisiting the properties of the folder followed by the Security tab as if I didn't apply any changes ?

If I attempt to share the folder by adding a user, I get an error that Access is denied and that the share resource was not created at this time.

I gave security access to the drive so I can share a folder within the drive; I've done just that or so I thought I've done that but it doesn't appear by Windows as if I have ? Arghh my goal is to share a sub-folder by a specific user, when I thought I made progress it was precived as an illusion by Windows.

Here's your clue it's permissions, ownership or rights.

The share folder working as I tested it though guest account,

Either continue using the Guest feature or take time and maybe a course on this area.

The shared folder works successfully regardless of which account; although as I mentioned there is most likely a bug in Windows10 when it comes to creating a new guest account.

Atleast I know what the problem is, singling out the sub-folder which I'm trying to share specific for a user or group.

No bug in my view. There's only one Guest account and it's built in. I can see why some might call that a bug but it's not.

It's the error that is seen when creating a guest account.

I think you have to be careful when talking about the Guest account. It's built in and we don't create another.

Can you share a tutorial about creating a Guest account? I am not asking for a tutorial on creating the usual user account.

And in parting, today or tommorrow I have a chance to work on a blown Windows 10 OS. The owner did something and they can no longer create a local login account for anyone else. It's not a bug either. They did something but forgot what.

I don't suppose they had system restore enabled?

@RJ. Like some folk they read on the web it slows down the machine so nope. When I get around to it I"m going to use my usual Linuxfoo and that Accessibility method to get into this one. After the files are safe, my bet is a clean install. May have to go the other route of removing the HDD, install a new SSD and clean install putting the old HDD into the usual USB case.

Search the second last part of the URL since the link is broken.

@Siberian. Remember I'm going to take the straight and narrow what the Windows Guest account is. So if you have other account creation issues, it's something else. Just my luck I have a client's machine in running W10 and they can't create user accounts.

@rproffitt - What do you mean they can't create user accounts ?

I don't have any account creation issues. I'm stating if you search for what is in the second last path of the url from my the dead link from two posts ago from myself; you'll see what I'm talking about.

I think we've reached an impass. I maintain that the Guest account is not created but enabled and disabled. You claim you want to create the Guest account. So something's wonky here. Wish I was there.

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