i have a problem connecting to websites after i installed a
router to share my internet connection with all my computers
at home.

i have a linksys wireless g router and my isp gave me static ip. i
configured everything well in the router and the dhcp server of the router did for my computers. but the problem remain unresolved i have no acces to websites, only msn messenger worked well on all pc's wired and wireless connections all went ok for msn, and for the LAN i didnt try yet one thing at a time lets resolve the internet first.

i attached with the thread a print screen of my router configuration

for your information the dhcp server of the router gave to one of my computers (all my computers have received the same config only IP differs ) :

IP (

the subnet mask is (

the gateway is the ip of the router (

the DNS is ( the same as my ISP's one

tx in advance for any help.

hi mate, welcome to daniweb! have you tried checking your browser settings?

on ie7, tools > internet options > then the `connections` tab > lan settings

i believe this is the same for ie6 as well

darren :cool:

unfortunetly i tried to check my browser settings, i've done 2-3 things there but none resolved the problem...