I need to pass up my title before 10 march but my brain still blank . i have no idea what to do.
all i know i hope to do something on implementation
i hate research
so if u have any idea about the title o u have done a fyp before. hopefully u can share with me. thanks
forget to tell i hope to do implementation on network related field like security

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how about a project on "honey pots"
Honey Pot security means you set up a server somewhere on-line and TRY to hack it, while applying fixes to vulnerbilities and finding more vulnerbilities

Why should we do your work for you?

This should be simple-- pick a topic that interests you, and do the research you've admitted you hate doing on it.

I can tell you that if you're chosing the IT field as your profession, you're only going to do more of what you hate-- research. Not a single day goes by that I don't have to research something that I've never encountered until that particular instant I'm working on it.

i have decide to do some application on instant messanger over ipv6 . but i like to focus on its security . so is tat possible for me to get any open source about this title?

sir i want to do final year project so i need to know which domain is best ....please help me

i have the title but dont know how to do..can guide me?? the is internet Quota management system

affine please create a new thread in networking. This thread has last for 5 years and it would be better to create a new thread. After that, i will try my best to solve your problem

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