- What is network load balancing manager? what does it do and how does it work?

Network Load Balancing Manager

This new utility in Windows Server 2003 provides a single point of configuration and management for NLB clusters. NLB Manager can be used to:

• Create new NLB clusters and automatically propagate cluster parameters and port rules to all hosts in the cluster. It can also propagate host parameters to specific hosts in a cluster.

• Add and remove hosts, to and from NLB clusters.

• Automatically add server cluster IP addresses to TCP/IP.

• Manage existing clusters by connecting to them or by loading their host information to a file and saving this information for later use.

• Configure NLB to load balance multiple Web sites or applications on the same NLB cluster. This includes adding all cluster IP addresses to TCP/IP, and controlling traffic sent to specific applications on specific hosts in the cluster.

• Diagnose improperly configured clusters.

More Info on NLB: http://networkloadbalancing.blogspot.com