Hi folks, I have a concern about the network icon in my hard drive window. When I open my Hard drive it shows all of my external hard drives but it also shows my Idisc, and a Network icon, I can click on network and get to everything. Is this safe? I am not running a server, and I only have my air port hooked up to share a printer.

Just trying to make sure this is normal or if it needs to be corrected.

if anyone is interested in giving me hand with this, I'd appreciate it.

Everything seems to be functioning fine, methings.

The one other thing you might need to worry about is security. With your setup, anyone could be using youre internet connection. The way around this is WEP, basically wireless encryption.

I would reccomend using this if you begin to feel security contentious.

Let's try a Google search of [search]Enabling WEP Apple[/search]

Our first entry is this.


threr is no problem that are using.keep it up.and if u feel any problem than tell ,i will help u

hi dear there is no problem at all if any problem occurs we r there to help u

This thread is from 2006, i think he is okay :)