We are looking for people with Cisco Access Points who are interested in beta testing software that will produce Security reports for Audits and Compliance. You will get these reports:

  • Show Encryption Used in APs
  • Show changes in security settings in APs
  • Show when WEP keys were last changed in APs
  • Show APs that broadcast SSID
  • Show APs with default admin ID enabled
  • Show APs with community string = public
  • Show APs with default passwords
  • Show APs with FTP enabled

Please do not reply to the thread. Let’s not interrupt the discussion here. If you are interested please email us at [snipped]

Thanks all


If you are interested please reply to the thread.

No, our software offers the easiest way to audit security of wireless Cisco Access Points.

If you are intersted you can evaluate WiFi-Owl at

I personally don't have the time for that, but I will pass it on, it might prove interesting