I am trying to play xbox live using a xbox wireless adapter but in order to do so i need shut down a WEP on my computer.
How do i shut down the WEP i don't have clue where to find it !?!?! :confused:

WEP is a security feature which can be enabled on wireless APs/routers.

Assuming your internet is going through a router you will need to logon to the routers configuration page.

right-click on your network connection (start->settings->network connections) and click on status. Then click the support tab and write down the default gateway IP.

Next, open IE or FireFox and type: or whatever your default gateway IP is.

Once connected to the router you will get a login page. If you do not know the username and password the following are typical default settings:

un: admin
pw: (blank)

un: administrator
pw: (blank)

un: admin
pw: admin

un: admin
pw: password

un: (blank)
pw: (blank)

If none of these work, you may be prohibited from accessing this routers configuration settings; is this your router?

Once logged into the router go to the routers wireless settings page; there should be a link that says wireless settings or or something to that effect. Once here you will see WEP (if it is enabled) in a drop down box, and you will need to change the option from WEP to None.

Warning* this will disable wireless security on your router.

If you need more assistance, just post again and someone will get to you. Hope this helps.