Dear Scholars:

In our organization, we've 21 computers and we've been using peer-to-peer network. But now the situation forced as to reqiure to creat client-server environment. In our market (Ethiopia) the is one Dell server supplier. They have PowerEdge SC1420 Dell server, and they are on the way to import PowerEdge 2900.

2900 is very expensive for us to purchase, so we are forced to tend to SC1420. But before all we (specially I) need to know the capacity of this server.

What services we want to get from the server environment are :

- I expect the number of computers in my organization will be 35 within the next 3 years.
- We planned to host our web site on our server
- Share network printers
- Share some database application

I want your advice on the following :

- How many computers PowerEdge SC1420 could support
- is PowerEdge SC1420 capable of supporting 35-40 computers, and capable of providing the service that I list above?

What do you advice me?



The answer is yes but you will need to buy additional Client Access Licences (CALs) which are quite expensive if you are using Windows Server (a licence for 20 computers is about £1000)