i have recently got a new netgear router and have managed to get the wireless laptop we have to work fine, my problem is that i can't get the wired computer working properly, i can download using programs such as azureus and use MSN but cannot search the internet, i have tried ie, opera and firefox but all have the same problem, each time i turn my computer on i can get about 2 minutes of searching time and the i keed getting the 'internet Explorer cannot display the webpage' page, i click on diagnose problem and i keep getting the same message, reset the network adapter, i reset this and still nothing changes, the network shows up as being connected to the internet still though whilst the windows network diagnostic shows there being a problem with the connection still.

sorry if this is long winded but i've played around so much and it all still seems to be connected fine from any network i have set up in the past.

please does anyone know how i can fix this problem?

netsh winsock reset

change to openDNS

sorry can you please expand on that post?


try to run "netsh winsock reset" in a cmd window.
if that doesn't help google the IP addresses of OpenDNS and use them in your NIC settings