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Are you looking to Connect with Kinect?


No doubt, by now you have heard of Microsoft’s latest addition to their Xbox 360, the Kinect controller-less …uhh controller. Instead of a standard handheld controller, the Kinect is a stationary sensor bar that sits in front of your TV. While the Kinect has been compared to the Nintendo Wii’s vastly popular motion controller, it eliminates the concern of launching your controller through your TV during a harried round of Wii Tennis. Taking lethargy a step further, Kinect also allows you to control media on your XBOX 360 with verbal commands like “Xbox, Play” or intuitive hand gestures such as waving your hand to browse through your music collection. The Kinect was debuted at this year’s E3 to much critical acclaim and is set to launch November 4th. If you’re still broken-hearted over the fact that you didn’t make it to E3 to get your hands on the pre-release hardware, there is still hope.

Microsoft is giving the public a chance to experience there as-yet-unreleased motion-sensing, voice activated, gesture-controlled wonderbar via their Kinect Experience Mobile Demo Tour …it just rolls right off the tongue, Making stops in 32 lucky (and undoubtedly target-demographic rich) cities over the next 14 weeks, Microsoft promises to let visitors surround themselves with the “Kinect Experience”. The tour looks to offer access to a host of Kinect features, such as voice-activated media control as well as tossing in some games for fun. Microsofts release states that “…you can hone your skills before anyone else by playing fun new games, such as “Kinect Sports,” “Kinectimals,” “Kinect Joy Ride,” “Kinect Adventures” and MTV Games’ and Harmonix’s “Dance Central.” As if that were not enough, visitors can even download photos and video of their Kinect Experience via the tour’s website .

In addition to the 32 cities listed below, the Kinect demo is also available at all four Microsoft Retail Stores, more convenient for those living west of the Rocky Mountains.

For more Kinect information you can vist the official website here .

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