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I am building a new computer and want to keep all of my current settings if possible. When I switch from the one computer to the other I want to keep my firefox settings, ie settings, chrome settings, and outlook settings. I would also like to keep the recent items in my taskbar for the programs that are there if possible. Would anyone care to help or lead me in the right direction as to how to save all the settings I have for that? Thanks very much.

I won't go into exact details (I have to look them up myself every time I move settings) but at least as far as firefox is concerned, the trick is to copy the firefox profile folders. There are details for doing this on the Firefox website. Based on the framing of your question, I assume that you are using Windows, which is not my specialty (anymore) but if I remember correctly, MS provides a tool for transferring settings. For details, search around at the MS website or try Googling the subject. If you are running Linux, then you will need to copy things from your home directory. Again, some Googling should find most of the answers you need.