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Maybe this is on the site already, but I'm going to ask directly. How do you guys/gals test your scripts or websites on all browsers for compatibilty. I'm new to this and would like to know. For the most part I've found that Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera do alright. But Internet Explorer is a pain in my neck sometimes. How do you test your code for older IE browsers?

I sometimes use if I want to see how the website renders accross a series of different browsers.

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I was figuring that you guys had all versions of IE on your computer or you just knew. Can you run older versions in a virtual computer? I'm almost certain having them all on your computer would cause problems. Some may know. I sure do not. Thanks for the link, I'll check that out.

I used to run IE7 in a Virtual PC environment. Right now I just make sure to test with IE Compatibility mode set to each one of the versions.

Can you run older versions in a virtual computer?

Yes of course, you can setup various XP VMs since you really cant run multiple versions of IE without a hack.

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Sorry about posting in the wrong area. I'm going to give the VM idea a try. Dani, how exactly do you test with IE Compatibility mode? I'll search the site to see if this subjects been discussed or not. I want to thank you both for quick replies.

I run Linux, so I test on up-to-date-ish Firefox, Chromium, Arora, Midori, Netsurf, Opera, Rekonq and Seamonkey. I also run a Windows XP VM for testing in IE6.
Like Jorge said, browsershots is good for checking rendering on different versions of browsers.

I've used IETester in the past, not sure if it's still up-to-date.

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What's anyone's take on this Click Here?

If you're looking to check Internet Explorer browsers, I would check everything from IE5-6 till IE11.