I've encountered problems with my computer at the moment.
My computer turns on for about 1-2 seconds and then shuts off, if you try to push the power button again I have noticed it does not turn on until a 'squeak" is heard coming from inside the computer. Only then does it turn on once the power button is pushed. I have also noticed a red LED light turns on when the computer is powered on, however I'm not sure if this is connected with the failiure of the computer starting.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Any visual on your screen? Does it always turns off at that specific view? Were you able to enter bios setup without being shut off automatically?

Either way you can check for case intrusion, reseat cables or try to unplug the power cable then wait for few seconds and plug it back and see if it will boot.

What type of computer do you have? Laptop or desktop or something else?

If the LED turns on and stays on, then it may be a power indicator or the hard drive activity indicator and these are normal. If they flash while booting (but not really quickly; that is just your hard drive being read), you are having a problem. The LED flashes during the first part of a cold boot are often diagnostic messages that tell somebody with access to the service manual what is wrong and what needs to be fixed/replaced. What different sequences of flashs mean varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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