I know there are a lot of people who are highly experienced in every discipline of IT industry in this forum.

I want to buy a laptop, which will mostly be used for programming and computing. So, I would need one with speed, enough memory and high quality graphic specs for high profile graphing!

What are the most important things to consider, I've just tried to guess! I am not sure as to which specs are desirable.

In addition, I do not need it to be installed with any os, I will install my prefered one Ubuntu- Linux, I hope this can also save some dollars.

Where do I get one without os, brand new? Which is the cheap but currently best/recommended brand?

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Where I live, such laptops cost more and I get less for my money. This is why I buy a good laptop and install the OS of choice if I were to do this.

Go to zareason.com - lots of great linux-compatible laptops, and can ship without an OS installed if you prefer. Good people. Decent prices. Good options.

Thank you rubberman for your reply. Have you ever bought a laptop from them or are you working with the company?

I looked at rubberman's offered site and the prices seem to be higher than what I get here. Is it really worth paying more? I've seen folk do that and wonder why.

Where Can I get such laptops for a more cheaper price, @rproffitt?

@OP. I was looking at that site and here in the US on Amazon.com It looks like your laptops without OS or Linux at that site was less for more money. My son picked up this Asus ROG which is great for programming too for under 1K. We flipped out the HDD for a 500GB SSD for 120 and it's flying. The usual 6th Gen i7, 16GB DDR4 and more. That machine looked to be nearly 2K at zareason so my observation is that folk appear willing to pay more to get it without Windows. Here I just get a machine, then install Linux. But maybe my thinking is too simple here.

Oh, links.
New one: http://www.amazon.com/GL552VW-DH71-15-Inch-Discrete-GeForce-Metallic/dp/B01578ZKPO
His old still working one 5+ years old: http://www.amazon.com/Republic-Gamers-G51JX-X3-15-6-Inch-Gaming/dp/B00361G0ZO

I confess to be a friend of the owner of Zareason. One of the main reasons I recommend them for people who want a Linux laptop, desktop, or server is that they guarantee all of the hardware cruft (such as WiFi) to work out-of-the-box with any Linux system they support, which is a bunch. WiFi on laptops is the biggest issue to installing Linux on a lot of big-box laptops because they mostly use proprietary hardware, chip sets, etc. and finding Linux drivers for those can be a PITA.

Besides, they are a small family-owned and operated company, which I would much rather support than Multimega Galacticorp! So, an extra $50-$100 is a price differential I am happy to pay. I am looking to replace my aging Dell D630 laptop with one of theirs soon. The WiFi has been the biggest thorn in my side since I put Linux on it 10 years ago.

Thank you all rubberman and rproffitt for your contributions. Unfortunately, I contacted ZaReason, but they said they do not ship to my locality. Any suggestions are welcome.

@eliy, that could mean you need to add your locality in the future for topics like this. Some countries have steep import duties to the point there is little to do except shop local. Here, in the US my experience is it's cheaper to go with regular PCs and instlall Linux. As to the WiFi, I haven't had much issue on laptops. I do however have this on a rather new Intel NUC but since I am not locked into any particular distro I used Ubuntu and it works. Tails and I think Puppy does as well so that's a sign that I should retry distros as time has passed.

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