i want to write a latin translator because most translators online dont do it very well plus i have to translate like 3 chapters of cicero a week at boston latin school. So i need some advice on what language i should would be best for this and advice on how to start would be nice as well but you dont need to tell me that.

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Just my personal opinoin but I would use whatever language you're most comfortable with.

Once it's compiled, makes no difference to the PC what language you chose.

I don't know much about latin, but is it basically a 1 to 1 relationship? or more like a phrase to word relationship?

Either way, I'd use a SQL backend with a table that has either the english(word/phrase) or latin(word/phrase) as the identity column, and index it for fast string searching when replacing text with the translation. Could possibly make use of the SQL LIKE command. I don't do much with flat file databases so maybe you know of a good algorithm to use that's fast rather than wasting code/processor on a SQL connection.

Just an idea.... hope you get some more.


yeah i decided to go with c++ because it is a very dynamic programming language and i need to know how to program in c++. Do you have any idea on how to start a program like this i tried to find a translator that was open source but couldn't so i need to start from the ground up.


I would recommend VB as IMHO working with strings is easier and GUIs are MUCH easier to code. C++ can be done, VC++ better, but it will take some time to manipulate strings

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