Hi guys, i'm a final year student in computer science and ive got to chose a topic for my final project which am supposed to do.
But i have no idea on what kinda system to develop.

Im not too good in java but have plans to do lessons to improve my skills.
Ill like to do a system using java programming language and also Artificial intelligence features. Please what kinda system do u suggest i do coz i have no ideas.


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Search in this forum, you'll find a lot of threads discussing the same idea tell me what you reached and let's discuss...


>But i have no idea on what kinda system to develop.
I swear, I completely fail to understand how you can get passing grades through four years of classes and remain totally clueless. Are you seriously suggesting that you sat through lecture after lecture and nothing peaked your interest? Or is it that you're so uncreative that you don't have the capacity for anything more strenuous than mindlessly following the instructions of somebody else?

>Please what kinda system do u suggest i do coz i have no ideas.
If you have nothing but cobwebs and tumbleweeds in your brain, computer science is not for you. Not only do you have to be quite intelligent to excel, you also need to be creative even for the most menial position of code monkey.

Here's a suggestion: write a system that randomly gives out final projects to people like you. You'll become wealthy and famous (if the frequency of this exact freaking question is any indicator) and people like me won't have to suffer hearing the constant whining of "I don't know what to do, please hold my hand for the rest of my life!". You'll kill two birds with one stone and everyone will be happy.

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your spelling piqued my interest

> But i have no idea on what kinda system to develop.

You gotta help us, Doc. We've tried nothing and we're fresh out of ideas!

Here's an interesting question for you.
Why, out of all the forums on the web, is only Daniweb plagued by "please help final year project" questions?

Somewhat strangely, I bet, it's because you know the answer without even realising that you know the answer.


You could create a social networking site similar to Facebook called "WatShudIDo?", where all of the students who make posts like this could congregate and repeatedly ask each other "wat shud I do? wat did u do?". It should foster quite the spirit of community given how much they all have in common. Those who do manage to graduate and get jobs can later join a separate circle where they can have conversations like:"How do I do this?", "I dunno, how do I do this?", ad nauseum.
Sounds just grand.

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