I was wondering is there anyway to wrap the text in the columns? Also, is there a way to adjust the column width automatically? I know how to do it manually, just wondering if it would adjust on its own. :?:

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I am assuming you mean with regards to a table?

There is no way to do this, at least that I know of or ever heard of. The tables in access are not like an excel spreadsheet; used for display. Rather they are used to store data


If you want to adjust the width of a column in a form that is in datasheet view (which looks like the table view) you can adjust it automatically by setting the .ColumnWidth to -2. The .ColumnWidth is ONLY available in DataSheet view. In form view the width of a column is set with the .Width property.

To get the data to wrap, you can just make the row, while in datasheet view, taller. this will have to be done manually, as I do not know of any way to do the height with program code.

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