Hey people, im trying to bash out the class design for a realtime strategy game (Think original command and conquer) right now.

It will probably be in .NET (C#/XNA?) as ive already got code (such as an isometric tile-engine) in that language for a game i just did for an assignment.

Any existing engines out there? Any ideas for what classes i may need?

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Well the basic tips i can give for making any strat game is start from the bottom. look at what you game is going to consist of...units...buildings etc

these are what classes you will need.

(assuming its 3d)

a model class to load everything
a base unit class
unit class for each type of unit that inherits the base unit class
the same goes for buildings.
you will need keyboard/mouse/controller input handler class
i would also divided things like your engine into diffrent parts so one part that handles networking/single player and then one part that handles the HUD.
you will also need a map class

these are just a small section of classes.
when i made a 3D RTS game as part of a team of 8(3 coders 5 designers) we had over 130 classes

if you want to see are game its at http://www.youtube.com/user/DrAJST#p/a/u/2/RIZzbfTCKzY
its unfinished and contains lots of bugs as im sure you will see.

Hope this is enough info to get you started. the main thing is there is no right or wrong structure this is just what we used in our team project.

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