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    HelloWorld Start(); *// every line of codes ends with A ";" 

    *//\/\\ from ";" you can xmap your game to the best "YOU WIN" screen.jpg you can make be it of a T-shirt you maybe selling a compleated levalin a game, a holiday vacation, a Free beer token or even just to get someone to smile.

    *//\/\\ Once you have your "YOU WIN" screen.pic print it out and put one copy under your pillow when you sleep.{crazy will help you to dream your game to code ***WARNING try to remember not to kill peeps in real life-i tend to find they dont respawn to well and dont kill any animales in your dreams please jerri jeff :)***}

    *//\/\\ get a blank pice of paper and keep it handy most of the time. if nothing else good fire starter :) 

    *//\/\\*//\/\\ *list suff need to know like buttons , like packing a hamper/case / 1 compleat package=YOUR_Game/program. YOUR_Game.compleat_package will be MADE-UP of difrent files and folders.

    funrun= function

    call funrun.scenario(1)

hello world of daniweb gamers . I am trying to learn how to program a game and as such finding it hard for ones brain to compute and spendding me time surching for code to copy n paste is doing my nutz, so it is with this that i am turning my small amount of knowlage of computers into a road trip learning game, got the idea from msdevlabs, if any of you wana play along of just stop by and drop us a few pointers please do:) ;

*//\/\\*//\/\\ *420LBREAK
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