today i was trying to make an alarm for my Pocket pc so that i can select the sound of the alarm and set it as one of my mp3 files...

but in vb .net for pda i realised there is no FileDialog ready to use...

any ideas...

i need to make a filedialog to select the mp3 from my pocket pc, either its on device or storage card.

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read before u reply...

there is no OpenFileDialog ready... i must create it...


and this is how you reply to somebody trying to help. obviously other people have been able to figure it out. figure it out yourself.


the reason i replied like this is because i wasted my time trying to make the wrong help u gave me work... anyway thnx for trying to help but careful not to make it more difficult for those asking for help...


Hi! according to what i understand you post is that you want to open an mp3 file from a filedialog box. If this is what you mean then do the following
1) Double click on the button that you want the filedialogbox to appear when clicked.

2) On the code editor add the following code

Dim file As New OpenFileDialog
file.Filter = ("mp3|.mp3")


thanx but jbennet gave me the correct code...

but thank you anw

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