How to install XAMPP on windows 7?

I have downloaded several XAMPP installer and all of them have the same errors when I try to install them.

Because an activated User Account Control (UAC) on your system some functions of XAMPP are possibly restricted. With UAC please avoid to install XAMPP to C:\Program Files (missing write permissions). Or deactivate UAC with msconfig after this setup.

What should I do ?

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I already disable the UAC through the control panel and I still have the following errors:

phpMyAdmin - Error

The mysql extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration. <a href="Documentation.html#faqmysql" target="documentation"><img src="themes/dot.gif" title="Documentation" alt="Documentation" class="icon ic_b_help" /></a>

Uninstall and then reinstall t=your xampp version..
Try one thing more. temporary disable firewal or windows defender. Enable after xampp successful Installation.
Hope this works.

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